Pedrollo is a large, constantly growing company that extends over an area suited to a volume of production that has reached 2 million pumps a year. The company’s facilities in fact occupy a very large and steadily expanding area that currently amounts to over 100,000 m2: dimensions that make Pedrollo an industrial district in its own right, divided into several plants, each with its own efficient structure and position in the production framework.


Pedrollo’s entire production complies with the highest quality standards, an element that distinguishes outstanding Italian companies. This result is made possible not only by the technology of machines and plants but above all by the extraordinary professionalism and competence found at every level of production and management, integrated in a continuing training process.
Within the Pedrollo industrial district stands the Pedrollo Management School. Thanks to this permanent training centre all company employees will increasingly receive additional instruction in the future.
Alongside multi-purpose training the company encourages more specific preparation both of a technical and of an economic, managerial or linguistic nature, depending on the assigned post, always with the support of qualified teachers from both the business sector and the university environment.
At Pedrollo, professional growth is considered a moral commitment to all collaborators, especially workers, as the company feels a responsibility to contribute to retraining and raising qualifications. This way the workers are accompanied from doing manual, production-oriented work to a more intellectual, supervisory role oriented towards quality.


The research and development activities carried out at Pedrollo don’t regard just the final product but also apply to the machines and processes implemented in the manufacturing phase. The skills required on the engineering and technological level are so high that in many cases they require building the machines used in production directly. In addition, the very nature of the numerous patents filed – exclusive and original – requires their maximum protection through internal realisation of processes, machines and plants.
This "centralisation of production" also has a positive effect on the overall quality expressed by the company because it enables a higher level of control and guarantee, not only on the finished product but on the entire production chain.

Business model

Pedrollo SpA carefully preserves its identity as an Italian company with a global reach. Although operating on five continents, it has chosen to keep the heart of the company’s design, training and production in San Bonifacio di Verona. In line with a strongly globalized market but committed to support the development of its territory, therefore, it realises all its products in Italy, while the commercial branches are present in every part of the world. Faithful to its entrepreneurial ethic, Pedrollo has always considered water - by its nature the "source of life" - as a special and exceedingly precious resource, not comparable to just any business object. For this reason the company has always favoured the maximum diffusion of water in order to promote the health and well-being of a growing number of people. The numerous large orders that the company receives from all over the world make it possible to implement those economies of scale that make the end product both remunerative for the company and affordable for the customer. Thanks to its entrepreneurial policy, the quality of its products and its sizeable investments in research and development, Pedrollo is able to commercialise its high-quality, extremely reliable electric pumps at a fair, affordable price, even on the markets of the poorest areas of the planet.