More and more, innovation is playing a leading role in the electric pump sector. Water extraction and conveyance processes pose obstacles of various kinds that require increasingly original solutions linked to electronics, mechanics, and the use of advanced materials. The success that Pedrollo attains all over the world is explained by its great capacity for innovation, backed up by constant research and a strong commitment to development.   These efforts are primarily aimed at technical improvement of the plants, but not only.

Once the functional priorities of the products are ensured, Pedrollo also makes regular updates on the design, an element that foreign manufacturers generally neglect but which is much appreciated on the market as a distinctive sign of Italian quality. The constant renewal of its products also on the aesthetic level, making them attractive as well as efficient, is a further indication of the all-round attention that Pedrollo devotes to its customers.   Pedrollo also has a cutting-edge centre for the execution of prototypes, which makes it possible to quickly design and realise new products offering ever better performances and suited to the most diverse customer needs.