Why choose the original

For years now our products are representing the reference model for many Chinese manufacturers that copied  our design, logo, even the packaging and  bar-codes.

Counterfeiting is a problem that we fought through legal means. Today though we changed our strategy: we constantly investing in technology and training, the true hallmarks of the company which explains our Inimitable values. 

Thanks to the partnerships with several Universities, Italians and foreigners, we launched  new generation of pumps with innovative design and performance. An example, the high-efficiency pumps that guarantee an energy-saving up to 20 to 30%. But technology alone it’s not enough. The innovation process has to involve every company sector: design, industrialization, distribution, IT, research and last but not least, training. A company can play in the international market only if the entire workforce work together to face the future challenge.

Functionality, quality and aesthetics

To compete with the upcoming economies our work innovation and quality is very important. A particular attention is pay to the aesthetics of our products. A constant upgrade to the design and hallmark of “Made in Italy”, are value added factors and it is  well required by the world market.

Warranty and product reliability

Our production is in line with the highest standards of the Italian quality that make our country unique and well appreciated by the global market.

Care of the production process

Our research and development investments allow us to improve the products, productions systems and the all machineries are designed and produced inside the Pedrollo Group.

How to recognize it

From the project to the final product

For a safe purchase of one Pedrollo pump and to avoid to buy a fake product, we suggest to follow some easy precautions.
Contacting our exclusive and  Authorized Dealers, greatly reduces the possibility of running into an imitation. Contact us to find the authorized dealer close to you.
The original products, as shown in our website, have an unmistakable innovative technology and Pedrollo’s typical evolutions with high quality levels in the  final touches. 
However it’s not always easy to distinguish an original form a fake product. The following guidelines are not meant to be an exhaustive guide, but are intended to indicate some of the elements that occur most frequently in the recognition of the true from the false.

Warranty and product reliability

The new Pedrollo’s logo is unmistakably in italic style. Thus different from the previous logo, object of numerous imitations.
The attached label on each Pedrollo’s product has the updated logo, as well as the technical features of the product. Some products, (ie submersible pumps) have a laser made label directly on the body of the pump, and it is hard to copy.
The fake packaging boxes are never the same of the original. The authentic boxes, for example, ALWAYS have  the Pedrollo logo on it. Most of the imitations are without logo, but have the (fake) Made in Italy inscription.
Our products have the distinctive blue color, original Pedrollo’s composition, not easy to reproduce.
The price of an authentic product, has to be coherent. If the price is too low, it may be a fake and definitely not an  advantageous offer.

Disposal of counterfeit products

The counterfeit pumps are recovered and disposed through a precise process that makes them inoperative. The pictures on this page testify to our attention also during the disposal process.