1st 2021 Producers Award Assofermet Cerved

During the Hardware Forum 2021, which took place in Milan on 22 and 23 September last, Pedrollo SpA was awarded the 1st 2021 Producers Award Assofermet Cerved cluster > 50 Eur million in turnover.
In the Producers Award, in collaboration with Cerved Group, the top 100 producers in the sector were selected. The Award evaluates the Cerved Cgs and Cebi 4 indicators which concern the reliability of the companies and the performance (indicators which are also evaluated by the banks).
The data concern the 2019 financial statements and the cluster to which it belongs is turnover > 50 million Eur.

In the photo, Giorgio Tubini, Sales Director Europe, collects the award from Sabrina Canese, President of Assofermet.